Front Porch Campaign

Starting in 2018, we'll begin rebuilding the main farmhouse. One of the few things we need to contract out for is the foundation including everyone's favorite... the Front Porch! We need to raise $12,450 to make this happen. Click on the donate button to make a contribution. Contact us for more information. Thanks!!

Haint Blue:
The ceiling of this porch was traditionally haint blue (several shades of it in fact). Each board was carefully numbered, photographed, drawn, removed and de-nailed before being placed into storage.... and there were hundreds of ceiling boards! The boards were a V-Groove pattern similar to bead board. For more information on the color "Haint Blue" check out this article by Sherwin Williams.

Shipping Address:
Underneath the paint on the porch posts are stenciled these words: "Westminster So. Car. Notify A. Bearden." Andrew Bearden built this porch between 1915 and 1920. Rumor has it that there are more words stenciled under the paint indicating the posts to be from California.... but we have not found those yet.

What is it?

Its a porch post post (that's what I call it). It is mounted to the porch floor under the post. A corresponding/receiving plate (mounted under the post) fits on top of it. The weight of the roof holds the posts in place and the created space protects from water damage.

Porch Floor
The porch floor is made up of these octagonal pavers. The square/diamond gaps were then filled in with concrete. They make for a beautiful porch floor! The old picture shows Alta Lee Gambrell (Moore) in her cap and gown. Notice the octagonal pavers beside her on the landing.