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Spring Flower Fundraiser

During three different seasons this year, we will be selling plants and bulbs through a company, Dutch Mill Bulbs, in Pennsylvania. The farmstead will receive 50% of all sales! This company has been in business for over 60 years and they help groups with their fundraising efforts. There are several ways that you can purchase through this fundraiser:


Click Here to Purchase Online and Have Shipped to Your Home

You can purchase directly through this link and have bulbs/plants sent directly to your address. This method requires an additional shipping cost.


Another way to order is directly through the farmstead. We will then make one large order which will result in free shipping. Once we receive the bulbs/plants, we will coordinate personal delivery or pickup at a central location. With this option, payment can be made directly to the Foothills Farmstead via cash, check or card.

Click Here to View Bulbs/Plants Available

 Next, send an email with your choice(s) to

Payment may be mailed to:

435 Farmstead Way

Westminster, SC  29693


Click Here to Pay via PayPal

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